Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Just in case life only happens once,

you should smoke some more. Sure, I know about all the side effects but... well, I don't really have an argument against quitting. I could go and say that "I want to die at least as much as I want to live" or spew some other nihilistic bullshit. But I can't use logic to defend myself, so I will quote precedence.

If you really, really, think about it, there are quite a few things in life we do that aren't entirely logical.

Anyway who the fuck cares. I wrote this cause I came across a good phrase and it made me want to light up. I didn't come here to start a debate.

Peace and goodnight Patna.


rorschach said...

dood what about visual aesthetics?? a woman with a cigarette lightly perched between her lips is soo HOT!

also smoking has been cool since Humphrey Bogart. artistic value is a definite argument in favour of nicotine addiction :)

The Comedian said...

The best things in life are either expensive, unethical, fattening dangerous, illegal or immoral.