Thursday, April 1, 2010


Quite knowing why, I succumbed once more
To what I'd resigned not long before
The sand's been turned, my time's begun
And the necessary has been done

I cursed the smoke yet lit the fire
Burnt my life on a two inch pyre
The song's the same, the words repeat
You can check out, but never leave

[PS: rorschach, thanks for the lines]


Popajan Banana said...

Our little boy drew on the day before Easter

After relishing a smoke as long as a meter,

" I'd given it up for the period of Lent,

However, I now am completely spent

How now can I face St. Peter?"

The Comedian said...

Zaev Dutt said...

Tis poetic justice with which you carve up Drew on the day before easter.

Now all one wishes is that little boy Drew stop prancing around like a feminine fairy hopped up on Dew.

rorschach said...

you do them better justice ..